Picture of brightly-coloured shopping/gift bags...lots of them!

Super Shopping Day

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Today I’m heading to town (which is an hour-plus away) to have my Get-Ready-For-Christmas Super Shopping Day. Food is always an issue on days like this: I don’t want to lug a whole sack of grub around with me, I want to start light because I hope to be travelling heavy by the time I’m […]

Fun, colourful graphic drawing of a slow cooker with soup in it

Fast Food — Slowly!

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Every now and again, my food issues can drive me to tears. Happily, that no longer happens too often but, even now, after all these years of practice later, one of the greatest food-related Meltdown Moments in my little world appears when I’m both hungry and rushed. Add “nowhere near home” to the list, and […]

Breaking the Rules

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Restaurant rules? Um… if I eat your food I’ll be sick, so let me eat mine instead… Honest, we’ll all be much happier this way.

Check, Check, and then Check Again…

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Check every label, all the time. The same product, marketed in different countries, is by no means guaranteed to be made from the same recipe. Here is one example. In fact, even something familiar might undergo a change that renders it unsafe. (Mistakes can be such a drag…)