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A Note about Life After Corn’s Information



I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am simply someone who has an allergy to a number of foods, and has been negotiating this challenge since the early 2000’s. Do your own homework before you eat anything that might be a problem. It’s your body, after all.

You are Responsible for Your Own Well-being:

Please: CHECK EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF: every single recipe, every single ingredient, every single label on every single package/bottle/can, everything. I might miss something that is important to you and not to me (e.g. gluten, soy, peanut oil, sugar content, whatever), and I hate the thought you feeling awful as a result of eating the wrong thing.

Anything to Add?

If you notice that I need to add a caution, make a note about international differences in specific product ingredient lists, or include an additional modification for your needs, please DROP ME AN EMAIL! The best way to support each other is to share information.

Next Plans for the Site:

I have to figure out the technicalities of presenting recipes in a modern fashion so that recipes can be exported to other tools, such as AnyList App. I want the recipe database to be searchable. Meanwhile, the best idea I can come up with for now is just to write it like a blog post. The advantages of doing it this way, for now, are that it turns it into a searchable resource, and it allows you to make comments. The latter is especially important if you notice something with the recipe that needs to be pointed out quickly, before I catch up to my emails.

Ultimately, I want to make this section into a collaborative effort, maybe an everyone-can-edit-it resource like Wikipedia, so that everyone can provide your own ideas and discoveries. (I believe dreaming big is a good thing!)

In the meantime, while I try to figure all that crazy technical stuff out, here are a few recipes you might enjoy.



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