Corn Gluten is an Actual Thing? Interesting…


While researching another topic (corn-content status of saccharin, to be exact), I stumbled upon an article in a gluten-free site that discusses the challenge of corn content in gluten-free food products that can create issues for unsuspecting gluten avoiders.

Here’s the key paragraph that stopped me in my surfing:

As a practicing physician, I see patients reacting to corn and corn gluten on a regular basis.  As a matter of fact, the gluten in corn has been shown to cause problems for those with gluten sensitivity in multiple research studies.  Unfortunately, this grain is commonly used as a gluten free replacement in many processed food products.  This is yet another example in a very long list of examples where people eat processed food assuming that it is safe only to find that it is creating a problem.

Gluten in corn? Well, that presents a whole new level of thought for people you know who are avoiding gluten. It also explains memories that pop into the video player in my head of people I’ve known who I witnessed having a struggle after eating what they thought was a clean, gluten-free meal.

I wonder if this info will help make life a little easier for people like us who have to avoid both corn and wheat? Wonder what it would take to cause the necessary influence in the food industry to start creating corn-free gluten-free products?

One can only hope…

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