A picture of a dark chocolate cake with birthday candles on it, and an inset of the same recipe prepared in cupcake form, crowded together on a white plate, with a single raspberry decorating each cupcake

Momable’s Chocolate Cake


This. This cake. This cake is delicious!


  • use guar gum instead of xanthan gum (which is grown in a corn medium and is NOT corn-free)
  • ensure you select your vegetable oil carefully — many contain corn; I use coconut oil
  • choose a corn-free and wheat-free vanilla — hard to find — or make your own, using potato vodka and organic vanilla beans (note to self: post recipe)
  • use caution with your cocoa powder choice: you don’t want to get one that has had corn sneaked into it to keep it from clumping
  • icing (aka “powdered”) sugar always has cornstarch in it to prevent clumping, unlabelled because it is below required percentages, unless the package specifically states that it has no corn in it, so, again, choose very carefully (note to self: add link to a good product)
  • margarine usually has corn and often dairy in it; again, navigate carefully to one that is safe for you to use

All of those cautions now provided, this cake is **delicious!



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