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Super Shopping Day


Today I’m heading to town (which is an hour-plus away) to have my Get-Ready-For-Christmas Super Shopping Day.

Food is always an issue on days like this: I don’t want to lug a whole sack of grub around with me, I want to start light because I hope to be travelling heavy by the time I’m done!

But I’ll need to eat. No way I can exert all that energy, and use all that brain-power (hmm, if I get this for so and so then I can’t get that for the other one, and the budget will be blown and… ahhh! all this math!), and not eat all day. What will I do?

I’m going to try an experiment. I’m taking a little bit of my own condiments with me, a little bag of peanuts, and a few light travellers, like rice crackers and a little bit of soy cheese. Then, I hope, I can buy New York Fries (which I can eat! real potatoes and sunflower — or is it safflower? I forget now, but it’s not corn — oil), or maybe get a salad or have some rice with my own salad dressing or wheat-free tamari sauce on it.

I’m going to try a blended approach to eating on the run, in other words.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Wish me luck!


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