Picture of my friend Dian and me

Visiting: Simplified



So many times I’ve hesitated to suggest a visit with a friend because of the never-ending question of where to go and what to eat. As a result, I’ve gone through dry spells in my social life, which, well, let’s just say I don’t enjoy that very much. I like my friends, and cherish their company!

Lately, I’ve been trying something different.

Instead of planning to get together for lunch, etc., I’ve been suggesting that we go for a walk. Turns out, it’s an idea that’s working really well! Lots of folks seem to enjoy the opportunity for a little exercise in all but the most inclement weather, and instead of adding calories we burn them!

A visit + ( – calories) = a great time!

Frequently, we stop en-route for a cup of coffee. This poses no food-related challenges for us, and if all either of us want is water, that’s readily available, too. Added bonus: if my friend decides to have a biscotti, no sweat. Somehow, that’s a simple enough food-event it doesn’t demand my participation. (See Mirror, Mirror? for more.)

Why on earth didn’t I think of this idea a long time ago? Sometimes the forest (the joy of time with friends) is so hard to see with all those pesky trees (stupid food issues) in the way.

And yet, now it seems so simple…


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