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Who’s Behind “Life After Corn?”


Blogger: Erin Anne

Main Food Issues:
• Allergies: Corn, Dairy, Most Grains, Eggs. Then some little blips, like cumin or whatever .
• Weight Loss: Oh, and after losing 80 pounds and reminding too many of them, I need to lose some weight now, too.

Allergy Symptoms: Coughing, swelling, weight gain, dizzy, elevated auto-immune, lung infections, fatigue, convulsions… ugh…

Years of Illness: 15 long, dark years

How I Feel Now: Great! I’m so, SO thankful I found out what was wrong, and even more thankful that it is only a question of modifying my food choices to regain and maintain my health! No surgery, no drugs, nothing. Just change my food.

Nastiest Doctor Quote: “You’re just fat and lazy. There’s nothing wrong with you that diet and exercise won’t fix!” (In the end she was kinda right, but… no, not really… she didn’t mean it the way it turned out. And she was just so mean.)

Best Doctor Quote (Tie): “I know there’s something wrong. It’s not all in your head. We just can’t figure out why… yet, but we’re still looking.”


“Well, we finally found it! Amazing. You have severe allergies to…”

Weeks Off “Bad Stuff” to Feeling Better: Two. That was just the start, but it was still amazing!

Years to Get Used to Eating Weird: Two. That’s not completely true. I had lots of “wins” and adjustments all along the way, but that’s when it finally all started to feel “normal,” as in, “routine.” However, there are still the occasional days I think I’ll *NEVER* feel right about not ordering Chinese food in on a Saturday night (sigh). Or pizza. Pizza would do just fine, too. (Another sigh).

Years of Eating Weird: Since April 2001

Weight Lost: 75 pounds (woo hoo!)

Weight Regained: 30… Oops… Got to fix that… Too much studying! Gack!

Favourite Hobbies: Electric Bass, Hanging Out, Music, Movies, Reading, Walking, Writing…

Not Favourite Hobby: Sadly, cooking isn’t one of my favourite hobbies! I do it like I do the laundry: because I have to. However, I’ve learned to do it well because I like to eat well and be healthy!

Oddity: Who, me? Hmm… how much time have you got?! LOL!


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