Picture showing a coffee mug filled with hot lemon and honey, with squeezed lemon peels, a kettle, and a pot of local honey sitting beside it.

Hot Lemon and Honey Tea



  • 2 fresh lemons
  • boiling water
  • honey to taste (see important note, below)


  1. Slice both lemons in half cross-wise and squeeze the juice into a full-sized mug
  2. Pour boiling water in over the lemon juice to fill the mug
  3. Add honey to taste (I like something approaching a Tablespoon, even though I drink my coffee black and unsweetened)


Choose your honey carefully, preferably a good quality one from a local producer who you can talk to about the possibility of any corn-related issues. Investigators have found that “bargain” honey producers will add high fructose high corn syrup to bulk up and/or sweeten their honey, or will feed it to the bees. They don’t have to label it (why not, I wonder?), so be picky about your choice of honey.


This is a recipe I grew up on, one that my Irish mother swore by whenever we got a sore throat or a bad cold. I wasn’t so keen on it then, but now it’s like a comfort food when I feel unwell. It’s simple, hot, as sweet as you like it, and it’s packed with Vitamin C!

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