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Allergy-Free is Becoming Smart Business


You might be interested in this article on “allergy-free” marketing and services, presented in AdAge: “Market for Food-Allergy-Friendly Biz More than Just Peanuts,” by Rupal Parekh. (Here’s the URL —

Do you find you can cope if you eat out? I find it really tough, much of the time. When a restaurant will even just warm up my own food for me, which many still won’t citing health regulations (I don’t believe them given those that will, some even with a smile), I feel a mixture of relief and joy. When I can’t find “ea-safe” food or can’t even just warm up my left-over beef stew, I feel incredible distress and anxiety…

Thankfully, I find it is beginning to get easier to get help with my food when I’m on-the-go than it used to be nearly ten years ago when I plunged into this rabbit hole! Maybe businesses really are beginning to see financial benefits to becoming more service-oriented towards people like you and me?

What do you think? How do you feel about becoming a marketing strategy? Even more specifically, how to do feel about becoming a **premium** marketing strategy, such as the high-priced tickets offered for the peanut-free zone at Wrigley Field?


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